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Anger, Hate, Rage & Hatred

Violence can be changed! So too can hate crimes/groups and road rage. See below personal growth pages for more information.

Anger, Hate, Rage & Hatred - Self-Help Suggestions

Rage-tips and Hate-tips - Retail? (resolve violence small amounts at a time) Or wholesale? (get rid of much violence and hatred in a big swoop)

Anger? Love? EQ Test - Questions about violence & hatred.

Once A Year Therapy - YES! Is it better violence strategy to solve a "little" violence/rage/anger difficulty or try to tackle the whole "ball of anger/hate/rage/hatred wax"?

Management of Hate, Anger, Rage - IMO NOT optimum. Most of us try to manage anger and hate, usually unhappily, just awaiting the next blowup.

Be Your Own Therapist (self-help book). A more-in-depth look at violence and the violent emotions of hate, rage, hatred and anger.

Anger, Hate, Rage & Hatred @1999