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Anger Management = Stress

Anger and/or stress managing are very popular treatment techniques. But managing/controlling such feelings of stress and rage usually/often fails to RESOLVE such stress and rage problems permanently. Frequently, the underlying unresolved stress and rage continue and so therefore the next difficulty with hate or stress will erupt as surely as the sun rises every morn.

My sites have a number of pages (4 pages here at helpself.com and 3 pages excerpted from my online book) which contain ideas and suggestions which are all dedicated to reducing stress and angry feelings by resolving the feelings which are underlying, not by struggling with some stress/angry management techniques that do not address the underlying issues.

This site's hate, rage and hatred pages:

Anger Management= Stress (this page)
Ragetips and Hatetips
Q&A @ Anger & Hate
Angry Excerpts from Online Book(3 pages, free & online)

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