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Daily Cooking Tips -
Kitchen & Food Suggestions

09:52:57 GMT, Fri, Jan 20, 2017

These daily cooking tips are a mixture of old, new, borrowed, and original. Some emphasize ease of food preparation, some try to speed the cooking/food preparation times, others suggest herbs for better flavors, some emphasize better kitchen Feng Shui, and finally, others are concerned with healthier nutrition. Enjoy!


Today's Cooking Tip

Good Feng Shui for the kitchen: Throw out plates that have been chipped (or give them to your sister to use for her mosaic work). Using chipped plates attracts stagnant chi energy.

Yesterday's Cooking Tip

Balsamic vinegar and strawberries go well together. Whenever you are using strawberries in a recipe consider adding a splash of balsamic to the dish.

Cooking Tips on Your Blog/Website

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