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Daily Cooking Tips -
Kitchen & Food Suggestions

22:09:43 GMT, Wed, Sep 28, 2016

These daily cooking tips are a mixture of old, new, borrowed, and original. Some emphasize ease of food preparation, some try to speed the cooking/food preparation times, others suggest herbs for better flavors, some emphasize better kitchen Feng Shui, and finally, others are concerned with healthier nutrition. Enjoy!


Today's Cooking Tip

A Southern curiosity are Kool-Aid Pickles, aka Koolickles. Dump out half the brine from a jar of pickles. Refill with your favorite brand of Kool-Aid. Let them sit for 24 hours and then enjoy.

Yesterday's Cooking Tip

A sneaky trick that is better for your family's health is to take a small piece of tape and cover over half of the holes in the salt shaker on the inside of the lid. Less salt - healthier hearts.

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