Addiction Help & Recovery Sites

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    Popular Addiction Help & Recovery Sites 

  1. National Institute Drug Abuse Research and treatment reports and news. Includes educational materials for teachers and students. Fact sheets on drug abuse.
  2. Mind Over Matter: The Brain's Response to Methamphetamine.
  3. Drug Discrimination Bibliography Drug Discrimination is a major way of studying drug effects.. info also on Drug Discrimination Research.
  4. Society for Neuroscience Brain Briefings For the layperson interested in the science of addiction... Topics include: Nicotine in the brain, Addiction's path, the brain's stash, and the opiate receptor.
  5. "Drugs, Brain & Behavior" Online (both text and figures) of a text book that was entitled 'Principles of Behavioral Pharmacology'.

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Watchful; "vij a lent"

Coin; "spee shee"

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vigilant; specie; boutonniere

Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "This may seem impossible to achieve, to be happy when you get things you do not want. The reason it seems impossible is that you believe you should be unhappy when you don't get what you want. (In all of this, there is the following truth: if you believe such a situation calls for unhappiness, you most certainly will be unhappy.) The essence of changing such unhappiness is to change the underlying belief that it is normal and natural to become unhappy when you do not get what you want."   Continued here - free read.

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