Aging & Longevity Sites

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    Popular Aging & Longevity Sites 

  1. New England Centenarian Study from the Boston Medical Center
  2. Gerontological Society of America The Gerontological Society of America is a multidisciplinary national organization of professionals in the field of aging.
  3. Life Extension Magazine Magazine with information on antiaging and life extension.
  4. Healthy Aging Dr. Judy Ford's ideas about the principles of healthy aging.
  5. Science of Aging Knowledge Environment Researchers in the field of aging use Science's online resource.
  6. Geriatric Education and Research Senior stories on aging offered by research center.

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Caries: careful, decay, cats, charities

Cavies: tooth decay, cats, guinea pigs, charities

Canard: a duck, false story, long campaign, fret

decay, guinea pigs, false story

Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "One of the most common of these unhappiness-causing adult beliefs in happily ever after is, "If we do the right things, then we should be rewarded with happiness." Anger and outrage often follow when the result seems to be more like punishment than a reward. Justice is supposed to prevail, according to many of us; yet, it all too frequently seems most blind and capricious. We do not have to give up our belief in justice, just our belief that justice will happen in our lifetime. Punishment by God or by karma will suffice, thank you. We don't have to try to spend Herculean amounts of time, energy and money to make it happen here on earth. More than anything else, it is our failure as societies to have satisfying spiritual beliefs that propels overzealous concentration on justice systems. We spend billions suing each other, we spend billions on frivolous appeals and we personally await jury verdicts (years later) before we let our old wounds go."   Continued here - free read.

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