Anger & Anger Management Sites

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      Popular Anger & Anger Management Sites 
  1. Managing Anger = Stress? Solutions for controlling the stress that can cause rage and tools for managing and understanding anger.
  2. American Psychological Association HelpCenter Warning Signs on-line brochure providing info on detecting a tendency of violence and on controlling the anger driving it.
  3. Psychological Self-Help from MentalHealth.Net This chapter of the book provides info on the signs of anger, theories about how and why aggression develops, and help with preventing or coping with anger.
  4. Why Is Everyone So Cranky? Book by Leslie Charles. Outlines ten social trends that have created the anger epidemic of our culture and how to combat it.
  5. WOW Zone Website offers a model for positive social change and evolution.
  6. Growth Central Help for families, relationships, anger control and anger management, assertiveness, anxiety, panic, binge and compulsive eating. Free info and mental health resources.

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Daily Church Quip

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Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "Among some New Age followers, it has become popular to believe that life is a mystery. Supposedly, you cannot know anything for sure. Why is this somewhat popular? People use this belief to ignore and avoid inconvenient ideas. If they hear something that might challenge their own favorite ideas or teachers, then they spout forth their mantra, "Well, you cannot really know that because life is a mystery." It is an idea that is regularly used by power-hungry gurus/shamans/naguals/teachers to weld followers more closely to them; they discount other ideas as being possibly untrue."   Continued here - free read.

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