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ASTROLOGY - Is the science, which is able to interpret the influences of the heavenly bodies on human beings and their affairs. Just as it is known that the moon has a profound influence on our oceansí tides, so are humans affected in a similar way. We are, after all, about 80% water. Using the birth or natal chart, which maps the positions of the planets at the time of birth, is each individual's information derived. The interpretation of the chart includes the understanding of the relationships between planets and the signs of the zodiac. Including the area of the chart in which they will fall, symbolic factors, the location of birth, which assists in the examination of the different levels of the emotional and spiritual psychology, and physiology of the individual. Astrology can help someone to explore deeper individual potential and meaning, to see how aspects of the personality may be integrated. This information facilitates an understanding of the cycles of life and creation, thus promoting ways to achieve the greatest practical application and fulfillment from the energies symbolized in the chart....from the Glossary at

      Popular Astrology Information Sites 
  1. Zodiacal Zephyr Extensive portal and resources site. Includes celebrity and mundane event databases, articles, atlas and time changes, tools and comprehensive resources directory.
  2. Astrodienst Large selecction of charts, horoscopes and info. A database of over 200,000 cities with complete timezone and daylight savings time info.
  3. AquarianAge Features astrologer directory, articles and mini hosted sites, with shopping areas and free e-postcard server.
  4. Elysian Freelance Astrology Services Offering syndicated and bespoke astrology and new age web content, horoscopes, journalism and astrological reports for loyalty schemes or corporate gifts. Company profile, contact details, and writing samples included.
  5. AstroAdvice Bulletin board, and sections on career, love and 'all about you'. Membership is completely FREE. You can access daily, weekly and monthly readings on topics of love, family, fortune, career & relationships.

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