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  1. Avatar Overdrive News of the world and informative links for those who wish to join an enlightened planetary civilization. News, discussion forums, events and articles.
  2. Avatar Changing what you believe enables you to change your life. Offers a 9 day course to enlightenment.
  3. Avatar at Star's Edge International Offering rediscovery and alignment of conciousness with desired achievements as well as new insights and revelations. Includes experiential exercises.
  4. Achieve Life Mastery with Avatar Discover Avatar, and rediscover your self. Choose PAAR, your guides to the world of Avatar. Now online: Experiential exercises, books, interviews, tapes, free articles, download of the book, Living Deliberately.

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Today's Spelling Bee
(Warning: pronounciation clues
may be misleading)

Method of visual concealment; "kam o flaj"

Aircraft maneuvers; "air o bat iks"

Haughtiness of manner; "oh tur"

camouflage; aerobatics; hauteur

Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "The goal here is not a sculpted body beautiful, just a moderate amount of muscle strength to accomplish heavier-than-normal lifting. We need this, because we occasionally encounter added muscular strength requirements (for example, when we move, remodel the house, lift the kids/grandkids). To significantly improve strength, the most convenient route is often via the machines at your local health/fitness club. This can be accomplished in 20-25 minutes twice a week."   Continued here - free read.

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