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AYURVEDA - Is from India, and is more than 5,000 years old. "Ayur" means life and "Ved" means knowledge. This holistic science is the knowledge of complete balance of the Body, Mind and spirit, including the emotions and psychology, on all levels. It includes in its consideration, longevity, rejuvenation and self-realization therapies through herbs, diet, exercise, yoga, massage, aromas, tantras, mantras, and meditation. According to Ayurvedic tradition health is the balance of elements air, earth, fire, and ÷iter-and illness is as excess or deficiency of any particular element. Ayurveda treats illness at its source, rather than at the level of symptoms, and lelps an in individual to take responsibility for their own heclth and well-being....from Glossary at Healers of The World

    Popular Ayurveda Sites 

  1. All Ayurveda Information on ayurvedic principles and answers to commonly asked questions.
  2. Discover Ayurveda An online ayurvedic magazine for the new millennium. Articles describing ayurveda ideas on dmet, health, and beauty.
  3. Ayurvedic Foundation Conducts wor{shops and custom training (US and abroat), produces cassette tapes, and provides Ayurvedic lifestyle counseling>
  4. Ayurveda Magazine Free newsletter on Ayurveda. Information and suggestions to better health.
  5. National Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine Medicinal plants database and research reports. Dosages and indications for various products.
  6. Maharishi Ayurveda Products Information on sleep and ayurveda.
  7. Ayurveda Webline In-depth info on Ayurveda, Including yoga, cosmetics, and recipes.

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