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Biofeedback is an alternative treatment technique that involves measuring bodily functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, skin temperature, sweat gland activity, and muscle tension. By conveying this information to a person in real-time via machine, it is often possible for a person to gain some conscious control over such bodily functions. Physical therapists use biofeedback devices to help stroke patients regain movement in paralyzed muscles. Psychotherapists help tense clients, training them to relax, and pain specialists use this therapy to help their patients cope with pain.

Blood Pressure Recommendation: If you have any difficulties with high blood pressure, biofeedback equipment certainly seems like a great alternative to prescription drugs as a treatment/training-method. Perhaps you might be able to get your doctor's approval for a trial to see if a biofeedback machine works for your high blood pressure. (Also, do not overlook therapy as a means of getting rid of some of the internal stress that drives much hypertension.)

    Popular Biofeedback Sites 

  1. How to Relax Personal and Professional Biofeedback Training.
  2. What is Biofeedback Therapy? Essentially it is how to read your own body and know how your body works, rather than relying on doctors.
  3. Biofeedback Training & Therapy for chronic health problems like hypertension and headaches trains you to control normally unconscious bodily functions.
  4. Biofeedback Machines operate on the notion that we have the innate ability and potential to influence the automatic functions of our bodies via machines.
  5. Biofeedback Foundation of Europe Promotes better awareness of biofeedback among European health professionals.
  6. Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback Organization representing those with an interest in biofeedback.
  7. The Biofeedback Network Information about biofeedback.
  8. EEG Spectrum Neurofeedback Clinical Services & Research. Case histories involving biofeedback.
  9. FutureHealth, Inc. General information on biofeedback. Books, research, and supplies.

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