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Bodybuilding has a reputation problem to overcome, for many people think that the hugely muscled competition body builders are what it is all about. NOT! It is a natural capability for our human bodies to have muscular strength and fitness, and bodybuilding websites can show us the quicker easier ways to develop some muscle for ourselves. Women often shun bodybuilding, thinking that somehow those humungous muscles will happen overnight. No, most women's natural hormones will easily keep that from happening; but in the meantime, more muscle helps tremendously in burning fat and keeping the metabolism high. This keeps the weight off, which is exactly what most of us need and want. As part of an overall program of fitness and better nutrition, body building can help us achieve some of our important life goals of feeling good and being in better health.

    Popular Bodybuilding Sites 

  1. ABC Bodybuilding Exercises, forums, magazines, workouts - everything you need to get into shape.
  2. Bodybuilding and Fitness Site that helps people reach their health, fitness, bodybuilding and appearance goals through information, motivation and supplementation.
  3. YLIFT Providing information and motivational assistance for bodybuilders.
  4. Body Building Network Offers routines, tips, diet information, message boards, and an FAQ section.
  5. Better Body Online Bodybuilding information including multimedia, training diary, photos, and free things.
  6. WeightsNet Offering news, daily weights, and a TV schedule for training shows.
  7. Suite 101: Bodybuilding Articles, discussions, links relating to bodybuilding.

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