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  1. Growth Online: Answers to the Major Questions of Life Offers answers to questions about life in areas of business, personal, and social growth and development
  2. Health Journeys: The Guided Imagery Resource Center Website offers books, visualization tapes, research and resources on guided imagery, a complementary medicine and holistic mind and body healing process.
  3. Rebecca Ryan Resources An online magazine that connects people and explores possibilities regarding creativity, ecology, health, personal growth, professional development, and wellness.
  4. Mental Physical Wellbeing Dr. Brian Alman offers self hypnosis books, audio and video tapes.
  5. This Web-based goal management service helps you to set and reach professional and personal goals by helping you construct a plan. Keeps you on-track with email reminders.
  6. InnerPeace Interfaith self-help program. Helps to remove issues that interfere with your inner peace. Helps to create states that support your inner peace.
  7. Counselors Association Inc Counselors Association, Inc. offers LifeChange program which combines hypnosis with a workbook. Resources, tutorials, and associated articles.
  8. Creative Living Teaches positive thinking,subconscious mind power development, visualization, and affirmations. With success stories, monthly tip and newsletter.
  9. Mental Health Self-Help Resources for emotional growth and healing.
  10. Self Help for Depression Offers insight on how to help you overcome depression, factors that contribute to depression, patterns of depression and reasons that depression might be related to family history.
  11. Self Esteem And Confidence Improvement Offers training to improve self esteem, confidence, and self image by working with self improvement techniques and a personal coach.
  12. Astromind Self Improvement Techniques to increase concentration, consciousness, intelligence, and awareness. Site includes table of contents for course book, testimonials, and order form.
  13. How Much Joy Can You Stand? Suzanne Falter-Barns offers Creativity and inspiration e-books, e-lessons, tele-classes and courses for the life coach and anyone who seeks self-motivation and happiness.
  14. Affirmations For Positive Thinking Offers personal affirmation tutorials with a free daily affirmation. Pricing and order details.
  15. Success Training Tutorials Tutorials available on various self-help methods for achieving success.
  16. Sedona Training Associates Offers self improvement products and courses focused on eliminating anxiety and fear, managing anger, and increasing emotional intelligence and motivation.
  17. Attitude is Everything Motivational products, including newsletters, books, audiotapes and seminars. Community discussion and chat area.
  18. The Mind Media Life-Enhancment Network Catalog of personal-growth and self-improvement CD's and software.
  19. Dreams Alive Seminars, books, tapes and software which aim to help you realize your dreams. Free screensavers and e-cards, with resources section and newsletter.
  20. Mental Health Videos on Demand - The de la Parte Institute This project was developed to allow users to search an online catalogue and play videos in support of the Institute's mission to train and educate persons in areas of mental health. Includes searchable database.
  21. AspireNow On-line seminars and programs to help individuals discover their purpose and live more abundantly. Interactive help for success with goals, relationships, and work.
  22. Online free goal setting software with on demand, streaming real audio and real video inspirational and motivational audio tapes.
  23. Full Circle Success Programs, products and services concerned with achieving success in all areas of daily life. Includes overview of membership benefits, wealth building courses, newsletters, magazine subscription information and contacts.
  24. Higher Awareness Tools, workbooks, resource lists, articles, support, quotes, and links for people serious about change, fulfillment, success and transformation.

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1. Provided below is either the capital city or the country/state/province of that capital. What is EITHER the missing capital OR missing country/state/province:

2. What is the closest body of water (river, bay, sea, or ocean) to the below city/country/island?


3. Which one is NOT adjacent to any of the others?
Italy; Switzerland; Bulgaria; Hungary; Austria

Montgomery; Mediterranean Sea; Bulgaria

Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "In Chapter 7, I stated that you likely have a lifelong task of "watching your weight" while any childhood food issues remain unresolved. Do not underestimate the persistence of these issues despite many years of growth and/or therapy! As I write these words, I have yet to completely resolve the food issues arising in my first weeks of life (being fed on my mother's schedule that did not respect my hunger or my fullness). Now, because of my psychological work, I am able to diet easily, but I have yet to achieve my own "natural body" as described earlier in this chapter."   Continued here - free read.

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