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Breath Work: Many things are called breathwork, but they generally all mean that some form of growth takes place when someone does some form of special breathing work. The most common therapies are Rebirthing Breath Work as originated by Leonard Orr and Holotropic (meaning "leading to wholeness") Breathwork as originated by Stanislav Grof. So too does primal therapy offer occasional breathing techniques to deepen client's feelings and experiences. Major personal transformations occur regularly with these three breathwork methods. Basically, most of us go around most all the time in a state of unnatural shallow breathing that if changed, even temporarily, can lead to major psychotherapeutic break throughs and significant life changes.

    Popular Breathwork Sites 

  1. Breathing Coordination Provides information on continuing research and practice in breathing coordination.
  2. Holotropic Breathwork International Breathwork developed by Dr. Stanislav Grof and Christina Grof is used for healing and self-exploration.
  3. The Holotropic Breathwork Community This is the on-line community for Grof Holotropic Breathwork.
  4. Cosmic Breath Work A Rebirthing website. Rebirthing articles, community online forum, links to World Wide Rebirthers and Rebirthing Websites
  5. Optimal Breathing Works Discover how to breath deeply and freely, releasing tension and feeling more alive and vital.
  6. Authentic Breathing Resources Breathing and breathwork exercises, articles, tips, research, meditations, and workshops for health and self-transformation.
  7. About Breathing Site includes breathing tests, exercises, articles, lessons, and training.
  8. Emoclear Emotional Processing Provides emotional processes of Steve Mensing, as well as information on emotional growth and potential.
  9. International Breathwork Foundation An international network of breathwork practitioners and schools.

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