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  1. Contact Point Job Counselors Resources for career and employment counsellors and Career Opportunities & Information practitioners. Offers theory, practice, labour market information, professional development information and links.
  2. Career Opportunities & Information Manual A Six step program for career and life planning success, presented by the University of Waterloo.
  3. Canada WorkInfoNet - Job Info Offers occupational and career information, employment trends and outlooks, financial help, workplace issues and supports.
  4. Career Internetworking Career Internetworking is a career resource board for professional and technical individuals, seeking exciting employment opportunities in Canada.
  5. WORKink - Virtual Employment Resource Centre Resource on employment diversity created by the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work.
  6. WorkInCulture Resource for art and cultural careers in Canada: music, sound recording, writing, publishing, performance, theatre, visual arts, broadcasting, television, film, new media, and heritage.
  7. Find New Jobs Online Looking for a new job? Start your job search at CareerBuilder, a leader in job search sites.
  8. Counsellor Resource Centre (CRC) Learn about the field of Career Opportunities & Information and employment counselling. Look for employment opportunities and ways to enhance your professional development. Find on-line resources adapted for the needs of your clients.
  9. New Jobs/Careers in Canada Features career advice, salary information, resume writing tips, company research, workplace issues and online career discussion forums.
  10. CareerTips and Job Opportunities Guide to career prospects, education, training facilities and jobs across Canada.

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