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CHINESE MEDICINE - Taoist healing techniques may well be the oldest treatise on holistic healing in our modern world (within the last ten thousand years). The Yellow Emperor, the father of Taoism developed the Yang Shen Shu, or The Tao of Revitalization about six thousand years ago. This was a system of internal organ exercises to maintain the correct balance of Qi (Chi or Energy, Life Force). Also during this time the knowledge of plants, trees, fungi and herbs, together with the wisdom of application was developed to a very high degree. The Chinese have always been in the forefront of holistic medicine with the well-practiced philosophy of preferring prevention rather than cure. This comprehensive system looks to the complete person, as body, mind and spirit, and maintaining the balance thereof. The basis of Chinese Medicine is the balance of Yin and Yang Energies. The balance of the dualistic polarities is the cornerstone of our physical creation, in an unenlightened state of consciousness. SEE CHI KUNG AND TAI CHI....from the Glossary at


    Popular Chinese Medicine Sites 

  1. Herb Research Foundation - Herbs and Herbal Medicine for Health Nonprofit. Dedicated to researching and providing scientific and proven info on the safety and health benefits of botanicals throughout the world from multiple medical traditions, particularly Chinese herbal medicine. Emphasis is on making herbal medicine info available for scientists, complementary and conventional doctors, legislators, the herb industry and the public.
  2. HealthWorld Online Leading resource on natural health, wellness, traditional, complementary and alternative medicine information, and self care.
  3. Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute (RMHI) Chinese Herbal Medicine Database for Practitioners with Latin and Pinyin references. Includes info about botanical classification, dosage, contraindications, preparation, physiological notes and traditional Chinese clinical indications.
  4. Basic Taoism Beliefs Excerpt from an online book titled Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze.
  5. Health A to Z: The Source For Health and Medicine Portal site presents introductory level to Alternative Medicine and Chinese Medicine from Western doctors' point of view. Search engine useful for the links it provides regarding aspects of Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Wellness Centers.
  6. ITM Online Institute for Traditional Medicine A research, education, and info center for Chinese, Oriental, Tibetan, and Aruyvedic medicines. ITM emphasizes traditional Chinese medicine's use of Chinese Herbal Medicine in the prevention and treatment of illness as well as supporting fundamental well being. National practitioner referrals available.

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Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "Once we are traumatized, we carry the unresolved trauma with us forever, unless we can somehow get the trauma knot untied by therapy or another personal growth method. (Also, life experience will often untie many knots without significant effort on our parts.) If unresolved, the trauma typically shows up later in life as stress."   Continued here - free read.

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