Chiropractic:   “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” says a law of physics. When a vertebra becomes misaligned (subluxation) due to an external pressure, the Chiropractor can restore the alignment by applying an opposite pressure in the appropriate manner to correct the misalignment. Subluxation of the vertebra can cause pressure on spinal cord nerve tissues, interfering with the nerves’ ability to conduct impulses to other tissues and organs, thus directly affecting one's overall health..... from the Glossary at

Some Caution Suggested: 1.Chiropractors are NOT physicians and while most do no harm, please do consult with your doctor first about your difficulties. 2.While chiropractors can help realign things, they can become an ongoing crutch if there are underlying physical or psychological issues that are not addressed.

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    Quality Chiropractors Sites 

  1. Chiropractors Chiropractic Directory USA practitioners including Chiropractic clinic information for finding Chiropractors.
  2. National Chiropractor Directory provides thousands of chiropractic listings and quality chiropractic articles.
  3. Practitioners In Your Area Whether you're looking for a Neurosurgeon, Orthopedic Surgeon, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, or other spine professional, you can find them here.
  4. Tips on How to Find a Chiropractor Online
  5. International Chiropractors Association Oldest national chiropractic organization in the world, est in 1926 by BJ Palmer
  6. US Dept of Labor - Chiropractors Definition of the job, Chiropractor.
  7. Find the Best Chiropractor Finding the best doctor of chiropractic is similar to finding the right dentist or medical doctor.
  8. Tips on Choosing the Best Chiropractic Written by a regular MD.

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