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  1. Atlas Communication Works Public seminars and customized training programs increase participants communication skill levels with customers and with their colleagues.
  2. Professional Edge Customer service training, communication skills, keynotes, presentation skills seminars, coaching, consulting, and articles to improve sales, service, and overall professionalism.
  3. CommCore Consulting Group Provides public speaking training, media and communications to give clients a competitive edge.
  4. Carleton Lamb Productions Australian company dedicated to teaching excellence in all forms of communication for senior level management and their teams.
  5. COR Communications Consulting and training company specializing in communication skills and diversity training.
  6. VerbaCom Training An international training company based in Texas specializing in public speaking, executive professional development, international business etiquette and sales presentation techniques.
  7. Centaur Communicating Training Training and organizational development and consulting firm best known for its seminar "Communicating for Results". Based in California.
  8. The Kingstree Group ~ Corporate Communications International consultants in spoken communications for training and preparing clients for meetings, presentations and media interviews.
  9. Power Speaking Business Consultants Management training, with a unique process to produce more effective corporate communication and develop confidence.

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