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  1. Training Resources Group, Inc. An organizational training and development firm which provides services to corporations, international organizations, non-profit organizations and government agencies.
  2. Tantara Management Services Tantara provides management and improvement services applicable to both small and large software business organizations.
  3. The Thomas Group Ltd. Offers market research and analysis, applied strategic and operations planning, solutions management, training and development, and strategic partnering.
  4. Corporate Training Programs Management and Corporate Training Programs for college graduates.
  5. Online Corporate, Leadership & Sales Training Programs For 94 years, business professionals have turned to Dale Carnegie's powerful books and winning interactive seminars...
  6. Corporate Training Degree Corporate training programs can help incoming team members adapt their college skills to the real world.
  7. Tools of Change - Online A free site with planning guides and worksheets, case studies for those who plan and run programs that promote healthier and/or more environmentally sustainable actions and habits.
  8. Team Building, Corporate Team Training Custom tailored corporate leadership development, team building, group processing workshops and teamwork deliverables.

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Today's World Geography

1. Provided below is either the capital city or the country/state/province of that capital. What is EITHER the missing capital OR missing country/state/province:

2. What is the closest body of water (river, bay, sea, or ocean) to the below city/country/island?

Kansas City MO US

3. Which major city is on New Zealand's North Island?

Dunedin Christchurch Auckland Canberra

Asuncion; Missouri River; Auckland

Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "Forgiveness according to the Course In Miracles (1996, p. 354) is to "remember only the loving thoughts you gave in the past and those that were given to you." This is a selective remembering. What has been selected out or forgotten? What has been conveniently forgotten includes rage, hate, hurt, pain, grief, racking sobs, helplessness and hopelessness. These are the core feelings of trauma. These core feelings, which were not felt when the past trauma occurred, are the ones against which we most strongly defend ourselves."   Continued here - free read.

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