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  1. Vantagequest.Org Vantage Quest helps access creativity that may astonish you. It works by stilling the mind and allowing material to enter the field of awareness from the subconscious and transpersonal realms of consciousness.
  2. Self improvement with online courses "Imagination is more important than knowledge." -- Albert Einstein. ... Understand the creative process. Learn to be more creative with our Creativity Work book.
  3. Alumbo! Creativity Enhancement Community Helps you to learn how to get your own creative juices flowing!
  4. Creativity Enhancement Creativity Enhancement Ltd is a UK based company offering consulting and training based on a cutting-edge human performance technology known as NLP.
  5. Alumbo! Creativity Enhancement MagazineView complete list of articles related to Creativity Enhancement From the Archives.
  6. Creativity Training and Enhancement Information Source of creativity Training and Enhancement Information.
  7. Performance, Confidence & Creativity Enhancement 11 Guidelines for Performance and Creativity Enhancement. The creative process is what shapes our lives. Creativity Enhancement is a focused and directed process of Creation.
  8. Total Creativity in Business & Industry Business creativity resources by Edward de Bono. Contains book extracts, details of courses, recommended reading, techniques and ways to develop creativity in the business environment.
  9. Inspiration Software, Inc. Inspiration K-12 supports visual thinking techniques, enabling students to easily create and update graphic organizers, concept maps and other visual diagrams.
  10. Ideas by Creativity Pool A free pool full of new ideas and inventions. You can search the database for invention ideas, or donate Your own ideas and be rewarded.

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Do not call the forest that shelters you a jungle.

Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "Could It Be Neither My Soul Nor God-Tao Suffers? It is common among millions of folks to project personal difficulties on to God-Tao or on to their souls. If you believe that God-Tao is nothing but love, however, (and I do think this is a sound belief that will not lead you astray), then there is no room for God-Tao to be unhappy, fearful or sad. If God-Tao loves us totally no matter what, then there really is no room for God-Tao's disappointment, unhappiness, or sadness with us. Therefore, saints and sinners are equal."   Continued here - free read.


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