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          Popular Dieting & Weight Loss Sites 
  1. Body Mass Index Calculator for Children and Adults Instructions on filling in form which is available in metric or US measurement. Includes more details about the average figures and links to further resources about weight management and nutrition.
  2. Free online diet and fitness journal. Input foods, activities, and goals to create your individual progress reports.
  3. Practical Weight Loss Calorie and BMI calculators, discussion board and recipes.
  4. Diet and Fitness by Diet tips, health calculator, information on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, find a workout, keyboard yoga and online chats and discussions.
  5. Advanced Body Mass Index Calculator This site calculates your body mass index and shows statistics to compare your body to others of the same height, sex and age. Handles pediatric and older adult ages.
  6. The Weight Loss Zone Provides information, tools and products that will help you lose weight.
  7. Weight Remedy Net Offers weight loss and fitness information including answers to questions and forums.
  8. Weighing the Options: Criteria for Evaluating Weight-Management Programs Complete text of the book presenting criteria for evaluating treatment programs for obesity and explores what these criteria mean--to health care providers, program designers, researchers, and overweight people seeking help.
  9. Weightloss and Diet Facts Free articles discussing diet myths and the difference between true fat burning and typical weightloss.

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