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          Popular Dreams Sites 
  1. Learning and Dreaming A Science Friday audio discussion on the science of dreaming. Features Robert Stickgold and Matthew Wilson.
  2. The Dreams Foundation Resources for understanding nightmares, precognitive dreams, dreamwork, lucid dreaming, sleep research and disorder treatment.
  3. Association for the Study of Dreams A massive site containing essays, research papers, and advocacy material on meaning in dreams. This international association provides recommendations regarding ethical issues, lists graduate dream research programs, publishes both a journal and a magazine and operates conferences.
  4. The Dream Tree A resource center which includes opportunities to participate in research (some scientific, some personal), discussion groups, a calendar of events for dreamers, pointers to projects and artwork, and recommendations for enhancing your dreams and ability to recall them.
  5. Notes From a Dreamer ... on Dreaming Bobbie Ann Pimm interprets some of her own dreams and discusses her views of dream interpretation, including her belief that a dream may only be correctly interpreted by its dreamer.

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Today's Vocabulary Words

Caries: careful, decay, cats, charities

Cavies: tooth decay, cats, guinea pigs, charities

Canard: a duck, false story, long campaign, fret

decay, guinea pigs, false story

Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "Who wants such an unpopular feeling? You do, if you want to be happy. This may seem bizarre, but it most assuredly is true. Unless you are able to feel sadness (and its relatives: sobbing, grief and tears), you will forever be avoiding sadness. Avoidance makes you prone to addictive behavior, psychosomatic symptoms, high levels of anxiety and acting-out skewed behavior. Sadness is a natural feeling which, if unfelt, just adds to our array of unresolved trauma knots. As with other emotions, feel it and it will go away. Resist it and it hangs around forever, periodically erupting inappropriately in our body's attempt to rid itself of associated trauma knots."   Continued here - free read.

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