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          Popular Self Esteem Sites 
  1. Self-help & Psychology Magazine Articles, discussion, meditation room.
  2. ABCs of Personal Growth Psychological quizzes and tests together with book excerpts and a variety of articles.
  3. EthosChannel Community dedicated to personal growth with articles, discussion areas, streaming media and shop.
  4. Mental Health Net Over 9,000 reviewed resources in self-help, mental health and psychology, including the books, Self-Help Sourcebook Online and Psychological Self-Help.
  5. Psych Central - Self-Help Quizzes Short quizzes for self-diagnosis of adult ADD, depression, eating disorders, mania, OCD, sexual addiction, and domestic violence.
  6. Website helps individuals find their own paths to improving their happiness level.

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Daily Self Improvement Tip

All good is gained by those whose thought and life are kept pointed close to one thing, not scattered about upon a thousand..... Stephen MacKenna

Comment: Many of us try to keep too many projects going simultaneously. As a result, we waste oceans of time worrying and organizing and procrastinating. Tackling one or two projects to completion is the happier, more productive way.

Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "An important truth is that the body reacts virtually the same way to an imagined experience as it does to a real experience. This phenomenon has been used recently by many therapists to provide some corrective childhood experiences for the 97% of us who suffered traumas back then. If I didn't get enough holding from Dad, then I can imagine that I am 3 or 11 pretending all sorts of experiences where Dad of yesteryear holds me lovingly. By such a process I can provide myself significant healing of my old needing-Dad's-love trauma. If it is too difficult to imagine your particular parents being so different, then you can create two new imaginary parents for yourself. (I think it less productive if you imagine yourself as an adult holding the child-you. If the exercise is done in this manner, many don't feel the full force of the available healing. Because it is a useful first step for some, however, try it if you cannot imagine yourself being the small child getting the healing.)"   Continued here - free read.

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