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    Popular Friendship & Loneliness Sites 

  1. The Friendship Page A large site with poetry, quotes, philosophy, humor, links, a chat area, and so forth.
  2. So... Are You Two Together? A first-person perspective article in Ms. Magazine about a modern-day Boston Marriage (committed living-together friendship) between two straight women.
  3. The Magic Of Friendship Reflections on friendship including definitions, poetry, stages, and a funeral service for a friend.
  4. Friendship Links A page with links to many sites about friendship, including poetry, history, and formal research studies.
  5. Friendship - Collection of articles, links, references and discussion lists about friendship.

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Overcoming fears is often necessary to achieve maximum happiness:
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I get angry or fearful when physically threatened.
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The lack of certain groups in high level jobs (.i.e. the glass ceiling) is caused solely by discrimination:
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Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "There are other possibilities for inner-peace of mind measurement that I have not included: weight, posture and ease of bodily movement. If you or your favorite New Age teacher is overweight or has poor posture or moves like a much older person, why? Don't these conditions often show a lack of respect for the body, the current spiritual vehicle? The excuse often given for these conditions is, "I am transcending the physical body." This excuse is a trap/detour that I shall discuss further in Chapter 9."   Continued here - free read.

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