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    Popular Friendship & Loneliness Sites 

  1. The Friendship Page A large site with poetry, quotes, philosophy, humor, links, a chat area, and so forth.
  2. So... Are You Two Together? A first-person perspective article in Ms. Magazine about a modern-day Boston Marriage (committed living-together friendship) between two straight women.
  3. The Magic Of Friendship Reflections on friendship including definitions, poetry, stages, and a funeral service for a friend.
  4. Friendship Links A page with links to many sites about friendship, including poetry, history, and formal research studies.
  5. Friendship - Collection of articles, links, references and discussion lists about friendship.

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Daily Psychology Quiz

The questions on this quiz are concerned with an IDEAL society with no sexism, no racism, no homophobia, perfect parenting etc. (But we would have the SAME genes as we do now.)

In the above ideal society, jobs would be given to the most qualified applicant, male or female.
T F .....more @ this topic     true

In the above ideal society, the average man and the average woman would have equal interest in sex.
T F .....more @ this topic     false

In the above ideal society, the average man would do more housework than he does now.
T F .....more @ this topic     true

(Mouseover green balls for answers.)

Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "There are other possibilities for inner-peace of mind measurement that I have not included: weight, posture and ease of bodily movement. If you or your favorite New Age teacher is overweight or has poor posture or moves like a much older person, why? Don't these conditions often show a lack of respect for the body, the current spiritual vehicle? The excuse often given for these conditions is, "I am transcending the physical body." This excuse is a trap/detour that I shall discuss further in Chapter 9."   Continued here - free read.

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