Gemstone Therapy Sites

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    Popular Gemstone Therapy Sites 

  1. Healing Crystals Information Chart lists the healing properties of stones and crystals.
  2. Crystal Therapy Dedicated to sharing the benefits of Crystal Healing.
  3. Gems for Friends The Healing properties of gemstones and crystals. Info and links.
  4. Living with Crystals Devoted to working with crystals for emotional and spiritual growth.
  5. World of salt lamps Salt Crystal Lamps are a way to ionize the air indoors. They can be used to help treat allergies.
  6. Wishingmoon Offers crystal healings and info.
  7. Alternative Healing Self healing through chakra meditation and aura balancing with quartz crystals.
  8. Gemstone Therapy Information about the Healing Properties of Gemstones and Crystals.
  9. Dolphins, Crystals and Angels Features articles, courses, and crystals.
  10. Kacha Stones Offers a selection of healing crystals, many hand mined and celtic.
  11. Rev. Dr Dianne Weinberger Crystal healing and Reiki metaphysical teacher, recognised training course & information.
  12. The Crystal Tiger This site contains info about crystal healing and certificate classes.
  13. Angelite Om Angelite Om is a company specializing in Angelite - jewelry and healing tools.
  14. Crystalinks Ellie Crystalinks site - the Earth's core crystal, Atlantean and other information about crystals.
  15. Astro Clinic Deals with healing chronic diseases with gem therapy, an alternative medicine.
  16. Crystal Cavern Crystals Info on crystals. Research the complete A-Z of crystals.
  17. Light Workers Information about an unusual and powerful quartz crystal called the Grid of Light.

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