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SPIRITUAL HEALING - A psychic receives information from Spirit, and in accordance with universal permission, and the permission of the recipient, is able to provide information and guidance to the recipient. There are also occasions where the psychic can also be a catalyst for the stimulation of the innate healing energy within the recipient. The psychic healer is also able to receive information from spirit about the causes of a person's challenges in life, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. Normally, it is the healer's intent to assist the recipients to utilize and maximize their own innate healing potential....from the Glossary at HealersOfTheWorld.com

    Popular Spiritual Healing Sites 

  1. Spiritual Healing with Vinny Pinto Remote healing over the telephone, includes methodology, specialties, training and background, fees and scheduling.
  2. Angel Healing Free absent healing service answering requests sent by email or posted on a message board, also offers recommended links and related books.
  3. Kofutu Spiritual Healing and Personal Growth Teaches a self-development system based on the use of symbols and meditation.
  4. Spiritual Healings Project Site offers a collection of websites and products to assist those who seek healing.
  5. Spiritual Healers Definitions of healing, list of healers and a training program for those who seek to become healers.
  6. First Spiritual Temple Prayer based healing site. Links for submitting healing requests, praying for other seekers, related articles and other sources of healing.
  7. Hildebrand Spiritual Healing Offers distance healing through spirit energy transmissions.

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Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "For leaders in the New Age movement, Stage II is relatively common. Many leaders are pursuing money via books, lectures, groups, etc. The question in my mind is, "What is happening to the money?" If the majority of the big money is winding up in the pockets of the teacher, guru, nagual or shaman, then Stage II is in evidence. Sometimes such money-gathering leaders are quite silent about the funds while bragging to insiders about the number of followers or number of books sold."   Continued here - free read.

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