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    A collection of articles on how Traditional Chinese Medicine deals with specific disorders or conditions.
  1. HealthWorld Online Leading resource on wellness, natural health, traditional, complementary and alternative medicine info and self care.
  2. ITM Online Institute for Traditional Medicine A research, education, and informational center for Chinese, Tibetan, Oriental and Aruyvedic medicines. ITM emphasizes traditional Chinese medicine's use of Chinese Herbal Medicine in the prevention and treatment of illness as well as supporting fundamental well being. National practitioner referrals are available.
  3. Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute (RMHI) Chinese Herbal Medicine Database for Practitioners with Latin and Pinyin references. Includes info about botanical classification, contraindications, dosage, physiological notes, preparation and traditional Chinese clinical indications.
  4. Herb Research Foundation - Herbs and Herbal Medicine for Health Nonprofit. Dedicated to researching and providing scientific and proven info on the safety and health benefits of botanicals throughout the world from multiple medical traditions, particularly Chinese herbal medicine. Emphasis is on making herbal medicine info available for scientists, complementary and conventional doctors, the herb industry, legislators and the public.
  5. Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Canada Traditional Chinese Medicine from around the world. Articles on Chinese herbs and disorders treated with Chinese herbal medicine. Resources for practitioners, patients and students of Chinese Medicine.
  6. Health A to Z: The Source For Health and Medicine Portal site presents introductory level for Alternative Medicine and Chinese Medicine from Western doctors' point of view. Search engine is useful for the links regarding aspects fo Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Wellness Centers.

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