Iridology (of Dubious Value)

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Iridology (also known as irido-diagnosis) is an alternative medicine technique that postulates that patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the eye's iris can be examined to determine information about a patient's health. Iridology claims actual disease, both physical and emotional, can be diagnosed by visible changes in the pattern of the iris. Iridology readings are typically performed by such holistically oriented practitioners as naturopaths, chiropractors, or nutritionists. Iridology charts vary, with at least 20 different ones in existence.

Iridology is based on the dubious assumption that every organ in the human body has a corresponding location within the iris and that one can determine whether an organ is healthy or diseased by examining the iris rather than the organ itself. Iridology is not supported by any published studies and is considered a hoax by most medical practitioners. Note: controlled scientific evaluation of iridology has shown zero results, with all rigorous double-blind tests failing to find any statistical significance to iridology claims.


    Popular Iridology Sites 

  1. Iridology Works Offers a variety of software for use by both the studen and the professional iridologist.
  2. International Iridology Practitioners Association. Overview, FAQs and education details, with info about membership, people and events.
  3. Iridology Plus Canadian Journal of the Science and Practice of Iridology and Preventive Health Care, offers an article archive and subscription info.
  4. Healthline Diagnostics Offers a range of equipment, tools and software for the professional iridologist, with details about online courses.
  5. Iridology World Overview of applied iridology. Includes a letter from the Director, links and background material.
  6. Iris Studies Detailed resources and instructional info, offering product reviews, news, educational material, images and links.
  7. Canadian Institute of Iridology Courses Website has info about Practitioner Diploma Program (classroom or correspondence). Approved by The Iridologists' Association of Canada.
  8. Iridology Article by Stephen Barrett, M.D. with an explanation and history of iridology.

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