Accelerated Learning refers to any system for speeding and enhancing the effectiveness of learning processes. When they become fast, time and money are saved. Adherents claim that such processes unlock potentials usually untapped by conventional learning methods, partly because it's supposedly the way we naturally learn - by involving more of the whole person. Methods often include the use of music, images, story-telling, color, body movements, creativity, music, art, etc. A bit of skepticism is suggested, and requesting some proof of acceleration would seem advisable before investing significant money or energy in such learning.

Accelerated Learning Websites
Online Fast Learning Sites

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      Popular Accelerated Learning Sites 
  1. Accelerated Learning Network Online home study program used for language learning and corporate training.. Gardner's theory usage.
  2. Our Accelerated Learning Skills Program was developed because we live in a world where the ability to absorb information rapidly and to think logically and creatively.
  3. How to Learn Anything FAST - Online Help Pat Wyman has created an extensive resource of Instant Learning® Strategies for Parents and Teachers.
  4. Accelerated Learning Improve study, learning and thinking skills with accelerated learning techniques.. training in different language areas.
  5. Fast Track Learning from Project HappyChild Techniques for memory improvement and fast track learning.
  6. Accelerated Learning Books Bookseller specialising in NLP, Hypnosis, Accelerated Learning and Personal Growth books, tapes and CDs.
  7. Educational Online Websites For Kids Children's Learning Activities. Kids Learning Websites.

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