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MACROBIOTICS - This Japanese philosophy is known in the West by its dietary principles and practice of whole foods cooked in a prescribed way, and in accord with required combinations. High fiber is generally accepted as a tenet, based on organically grown food. This philosophy is a commitment to a particular regime that involves many considerations that are brought into balance. Including, being aware of our own individual part that we play in this physical world, and accordingly achieve a broader, fuller sense of Self in relation to the Whole. Balance is encouraged within ourselves, with the food the body imbibes, and with the world. In this way a synchrony between these diverse elements is established, resulting in a unified way of living. Most importantly, a synchrony is established between the practitioner and the food....from the Glossary at

    Popular Macrobiotics Sites 

  1. Healthy Cookbook Healthy macrobiotic recipes. Includes a glossary.
  2. CyberMacro Features articles, forums, chat, recipes and sells macrobiotic foods.
  3. Rosanna's Macrobiotic Kitchen Macrobiotic health resource, free recipes and newsletter.
  4. Macrobiotics America A collection of macrobiotic recipes and promotional offerings.
  5. Macrobiotic Diet List of vegetarian recipes. Includes a link to purchase video.
  6. Macrobiotics Online Info, including a library of recipes and articles.
  7. Foundation for the Macrobiotic Way Educational programs and resources.

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