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MEDITATION - The concept of meditation originated in the East, primarily in India, where formal techniques are taught and learnt. In the West this word seems to have a generic meaning, whereby it can almost mean anything. However there are several types of this practice. One is the technique of concentration, which can best described as focussing the mind on a particular value in a constant manner, with extreme intent. This can be illustrated by the chanting of monks, where a phrase or refrain is repeated for long periods of time. This technique appears to have been adopted by those who are usually in a monastic way of life, and who spend long hours in this practice. It does actually work by the mind being released from such control after a period of time, and then transcends itself to experience the transcendent. The same applies to extreme concentration techniques, like clearing the mind of thoughts, or staring at a candle. Then there is the technique of contemplation, which seems to be the most common technique in the West. This practice keeps the mind on the conscious thinking level, but at times there is an experience of the transcendent, but can be short-lived, as the conscious mind is so active, and is encouraged to stay with those thoughts. There are many variations to this type of mindfulness, and many different visualizations can be adopted, including and not limited to breathing techniques. The intent is for union with one’s source (the Transcendental Nature of Existence), and is highly recommended. See MEDITATION, YOGA, QI GONG, TAI CHI....from the Glossary at

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    Popular Meditation Sites 

  1. Learning Meditation Intro to the basics of meditation and the reduction of stress.
  2. Synchronicity Contemporary Meditation Conscious living using contemporary meditation. Retreats and audio info available.
  3. Global Meditations Website Global Meditations to bring Peace, Love, and Light to Mother Earth and to Humanity. Join easily from your own home, with dates and suggested prayers.
  4. Meditation Station Meditation Society of America's web site. Whether you're a beginner, expert, or somewhere in between, you will find valuable information on meditation techniques and concepts from all traditions throughout the world.
  5. LightShift 2000 Info on Global Meditation. Includes ezine.
  6. Meditation - The Art of Being On-line resource for beginners to meditation.
  7. Acem Meditation Info for beginners and practicioners, on courses, the practice itself. Includes essays and reports by practitioners.
  8. Holly's Domain Personal page of Dr Holly Summer, author of the Meditation Sourcebook. Includes message board and meditation resources.

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March 23   The things you learn during the course of your life might not actually have started in this particular lifetime. These could be lessons you've been working on for some time, through several lifetimes. Does this mean, if you are working on something that has taken three lifetimes to finish that you are a bad student? Absolutely not. It's just that you selected a particularly difficult course of study and the commitment you show toward getting the job done is commendable.

Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "What are your beliefs about your dance with God? Does God lead, do you lead, is it you leading sometimes and God leading sometimes, or does no one lead? The unhappiest folks seem to be those who believe that no one leads (atheists and those who claim to be always victimized, for example). If you agree with Conversations With God, then your answer is that you lead, for as stated in those conversations many times (Walsch, 1996): "God supports your will and has no other will for you.""   Continued here - free read.

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