Naturopathic Medicine and Doctors

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A naturopathic doctor (not an MD) is educated in the art of healing using a variety of natural methods, which include non-invasive treatments/medicines such as herbs, nutrition, massage, essential oils and homeopathy. The goal of naturopathic doctors is to discover the underlying cause of illness which is specific to the individual, rather than simply focusing on the patient's symptoms or disease. Naturopaths are not medical doctors and therefore do not perform common medical procedures (such as giving injections, drawing blood, or performing even minor surgeries). But naturopath doctors often do serve those whose treatment by conventional means has not met their needs and who seek naturopathic care as an alternative.

      A visit with a naturopath is longer than a typical medical doctor visit because the whole body is addressed as an integrated system and naturopaths work with the patient as a teacher to both  treat and prevent disease. A naturopath is an educator, empowering the patient to take a responsibility for his/her own health. The treatment may include advice on diet, lifestyle, exercise, herbal medicines, homeopathy, or other naturopathic remedies/medicines.

Many naturopathic doctors also do iridology, have some counseling training and may use some form of bodywork such as massage. Many use massage therapy in conjunction with other modalities in their practice. There are naturopaths who are also chiropractors or massage licensed therapists, who may blend naturopathic modalities with those common to their other skills and training.

    Popular Naturopaths Sites 

  1. An Overview of Naturopathy Dr. Heather Wolfe, Naturopathic physician practicing in London, Ontario, in Total Health Clinic. Dr. Wolfe has a general practice with a special interest in women's health issues.
  2. Champlain Center for Natural Medicine Clinic of Physicians practicing in Shelburne, Vermont. Founded in 1990.
  3. Natural Health Doc Dr. Linda Hadley offers nutritional consulting and hair mineral analysis on-line. Other services offered in-office in Boise, Idaho.
  4. Association of Biological and Natural Health Practitioners Info about the Association, the ABNHP Institute for Education, in depth Biological Health Concepts Standardized and associated links.
  5. Council on Naturopathic Registration and Accreditation (CNRA) Non-Profit organization promotes traditional naturopathic techniques, recognizing trained and degreed practioners, as well as certifying to the public the credentials of naturopathic doctors. Registers individuals rather than institutions. Based in Washington, DC.

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