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  1. Effective Negotiating Skills help you to resolve situations where what you want conflicts with someone else's interests.
  2. Rules for Master Negotiators Improving negotiation skills.
  3. Negotiation Skills Training Programs Several effective negotiation training seminars from Karrass are offered.
  4. Tips for Improving Your Negotiating Skills An article by David Wachtel entitled 'Improving Your Negotiating Skills: Tips learned in the Trenches.'
  5. Business Mediation Associates Business Mediation Associates is a group of interdisciplinary professionals. Their purpose is to help owners and business partners prevent and resolve conflicts in a non-adversarial and collaborative way.
  6. Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc. Offers training in the safe management of assaultive and disruptive behavior, as well as other topics.
  7. Negotiation Skills Online Webinars Kansas based trainers, speakers, consultants and other experts for mediation and management of conflicts in the workplace.
  8. CPR Institute for Effective Dispute Resolution Engaged in an integrated agenda of education, research and development, advocacy and dispute resolution, with the goal of installing ADR into the mainstream.

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