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ORGANIC FOOD - Is cultivated and processed without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides (insecticides and herbicides), preservatives, colorings, artificial additives or radiation. Certified Organically grown food is such: that has been grown on land where synthetic fertilizers or pesticides have not been used for five years; that has been inspected by a licensed independent third party; and that the product is supported by documentation on soil tests, a statement of organic intent, and an affidavit of confirmation....from the Glossary at

    Popular Natural Food Sites 

  1. The O'Mama Report Info about organic agriculture.
  2. Natures Path North American manufacturer of certified organic cereals. Ask-A-Dietitian section.
  3. Organic Trade Association Features a forum for dialogue, platform for action and a community concerned about developing an ecologically responsible agriculture system.
  4. Soil Association Britain's certification body for organic producers. Extensive information available in their library of resources.
  5. Organic Food Association A public interest organization dedicated to building a safe, healthy and sustainable system of food production and consumption.
  6. Organic Consumers Association Nonprofit org with up to date info on organic food, food labelling and food safety.

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