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  1. I Am Your Child A national non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of early childhood development and school readiness.
  2. Parent Soup Consult the experts on parenting, post your questions on the messsage boards and chat with other single moms online.
  3. Parents The first parenting community on the web. Operated by two stay at home parents who believe that the best resource for parents are other parents.
  4. Surfing the Net with Kids Fabulous archive of web site reviews on subjects such as butterflies, online encylopedias, Houdini, the Wright brothers and crossword puzzles. From nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, Barbara J. Feldman.
  5. Read expert questions and answers, read articles or explore other parenting tips and resources.
  6. Parental Media Guide The movie, electronic game, music, cable and broadcast television industries have each voluntarily developed clear and informative parental advisory systems to provide families with advance information on the content of entertainment products. This site provides "one-stop shopping" to each of these parental advisory systems.
  7. The Movie Mom Helps parents choose great movies for their kids. Find more about new movies, best family-movies and movies for older kids and teens.

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