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  1. Teenage Pregnancy Unit This site contains info about the work of the cross-Government Teenage Pregnancy Unit and implementation of the Government's Teenage Pregnancy Strategy.
  2. Pregnancy Resources @ KinderStart List of the best internet resources relating to pregnancy and birth.
  3. Welcome Addition Pregnancy calendar, tips, nutrition, month by month prenatal guide, baby's first year.
  4. Fit Pregnancy Your guide to having a healthy pregnancy, with expert info for moms-to-be on prenatal nutrition and fitness, safe exercise programs, baby care tips and healthy recipes.
  5. Safe Motherhood Initiative Website regarding women's ability to have a "safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery." Safe motherhood can be achieved by providing "high-quality maternal health services."
  6. Hip Mama From info about sexual hot spots during pregnancy to an essay about taking charge of your own labor, Hip Mama has attitude aplenty.
  7. Canadian Parents Online Website offers advice, chat, and community for parents and parents to be.
  8. Expectant Mothers Guide - Pregnancy, Childbirth & Baby Resources Local & national pregnancy, baby related and childbirth resources for expectant mothers in Brooklyn, Chicago, Connecticut, Houston, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, & St. Louis.

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