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ORGANIC FOOD - Is cultivated and processed without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides (insecticides and herbicides), preservatives, colorings, artificial additives or radiation. Certified Organically grown food is such: that has been grown on land where synthetic fertilizers or pesticides have not been used for five years; that has been inspected by a licensed independent third party; and that the product is supported by documentation on soil tests, a statement of organic intent, and an affidavit of confirmation....from the Glossary at

    Popular Organic Produce Sites 

  1. Nutiva Organic seeds, oil, hemp chips, flax bars and sampler packs.
  2. EdenFoods Specializes in Japanese teas and foods. Also sells condiments, organic pasta, sweeteners and apple sauce.
  3. Frontier Natural Products Website offers organic and natural food products. Online shopping.
  4. Graig Farm Organics A wide range of superb quality, groceries, award-winning organic and additive-free meats and other produce.
  5. Annie's Homegrown Organic natural macaroni and cheese, pasta and entrees.
  6. Barry Farm This website enables customers to select any item on the site and have it assembled into a gift basket or box of their choice.
  7. Organic Provisions Mail order company specializing in natural, organic, kosher and specialty products.

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A cut tomato should be stored in the refrigerator. Uncut tomatoes should not be stored in the refrigerator but in a cool place, about 55.

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