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      Popular Psychology Sites 
  1. Psych Web One of the oldest and most well thought-out indices to psychological resources online, presented by Russ Dewey.
  2. Encyclopedia of Psychology A hierarchical database of links to extensive psychology resources.
  3. Psychology Online Resource Central Website offers links for psychology students and their professors.
  4. AmoebaWeb Presents psychology resources categorized by subarea, including experimental, clinical and applied fields.
  5. Psych Central: Dr. Grohol's Mental Health Page Psychological articles, resources for students and researchers about online behavior, Net addiction, types of psychotherapy, and e-therapy.
  6. PsycSite Categories include resources for students and professional academics, software, listservs, and online studies.

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Daily Psychology Quiz

There are many, generally painless, ways to gain more spontaneity, creativity and joy in one's life:
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For women, (men too but not so often), addictions are often caused by the choice not to feel rage and hate:
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I do not get angry when verbally attacked.
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Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "One popular spiritual belief is that it is always better and more spiritual to be tapping into God's love than to be doing anything else. A vision quest can often produce far more spiritual advancement and knowledge than tapping into God's love ever will. Therefore, people using God's love addictively don't want this knowledge; and they will avoid the vision quest because of fear they don't even recognize in themselves."   Continued here - free read.

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