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  1. The Grey Labyrinth A beautifully illustrated collection of puzzles, riddles, and paradoxes. Features a changing "unsolved puzzle" plus puzzles from the previous three years.
  2. A Game A Day Puzzle site featuring a new puzzle format each weekday for each month. Puzzles are fun, educational, entertaining and can also be printed.
  3. Puzzability Some really great mind benders here.
  4. The Memory Page Techniques for memorizing lists, verses, or extended passages. Features a tutorial on the memory by association method.
  5. SuperMemo World Learn fast and forget entirely about ever forgetting again. English/Polska/Cesky/Espagnol.
  6. Doctor Memory Courses and techniques are taught by Jerry Lucas.
  7. MemoryZine Online resource feature a number of products and courses that can help individuals improve their memory.
  8. Pseudonumerology Words and stories are easier to memorize than numbers. This web site explains how you can "translate" numbers into stories.
  9. National Puzzlers' League Crosswords and other word puzzles and games, samples; monthly puzzle magazine; 800,000 word searchable list.
  10. Memory and Mental Calculation World Records Results from memory competitions show the possibilities of a trained memory.

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