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  1. Recycled Paper Coalition Voluntary organization of major paper users. This website is dedicated to the conservation of natural resources and reducing waste by purchasing environmentally preferable paper products, and by maximizing the efficient use of paper. Recycled paper fact sheet, on PDF files. Links to related sites.
  2. Recycling and the Environment Offers a series of articles on recycling and recycled paper, paper related environmental issues, and links to environmental sites. From Treecycle.Com.
  3. Paper Task Force Voluntary, private sector initiative created to develop recommendations for purchasing paper which reduces environmental impact, while continuing to meet business needs. Reports and white papers on PDF and Word files.
  4. Conservatree USA. Non-profit organization, dedicated to providing technical assistance and consultancy services, and info on environmentally sound papers and market development. History and processes of papermaking. Waste management and environmental issues. Directory of papermakers and traders. Glossary of industry terms.
  5. Cutting Paper Resources on the uses of copy paper in businesses, and a compilation of ideas and efficiency strategies. Paper usage measurement, counting and documenting tools. Links to related websites.

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