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REFLEXOLOGY - Also known as ZONE THERAPY, is the practice of massaging the feet, where it is understood all the energy meridians of the body are represented, together with many nerve endings that also relate to much of the body and organs. The hand and ears are regarded in the same way. In either case, specific areas on the hands, feet and ears correspond to specific areas of the body and organs. In this sense, there is a similarity in philosophy to acupuncture and acupressure. Massaging of the feet in a particular way helps to break up crystalline deposits that “block” the meridian energy flow, which affects the corresponding part of the body or organ. It is a relaxing experience, and helps the body to regain its balance and good health....from the Glossary at


    Popular Reflexology Sites 

  1. Reflexology | Personal Health Zone Reflexology info, links, resources, books and cautions.
  2. Reflexology Massage Reflexology by certified hand and foot reflexology specialist, Marivella. Holistic techniques of Reiki and Aromatherapy are also used. Sessions are available in Queens and Manhattan, New York.
  3. Reflexology World An informative magazine dedicated to reflexologists. Numerous resources and a sample issue for review.
  4. Metamorphosis Metamorphosis, a self-healing art based on reflexology. By working on the prenatal pattern on the feet, hands and head or directly on the spine, one is able to let go of the underlying genetic and karmic stresses brought in at conception.
  5. An Introduction to Reflexology Explanation, origins and info on this new alternative healing. Includes charts and remedy guides.
  6. About Reflexology Resources and info about Reflexology with extensive links.

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Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "Spiritual & Religious Rituals, Ceremonies, Chanting, and Drumming Traps Rituals and ceremonies abound in many New Age paths and often include the use of a variety of "sacred" objects, both natural and man-made. Generally, their purpose is to bring the participant into a more spiritual space. And if that were all they did, they would not be traps. However, spiritual/religious rituals and ceremonies often become the ends instead of the means. The ends become the feelings that one gets in the process of doing them, perhaps powerful energies or feeling good/high, or feeling God's love."   Continued here - free read.

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