Relaxation Sites

01:01:41 GMT, Sun, Sep 23, 2018

      Popular Relaxation Sites 
  1. InnerGear Subliminal programming for personal change has taken a new leap. InnerGearTechnologies creates unique titles with a wide range of applications for self-improvement and self-help.
  2. Amazing Changes Hypnotherapy Self-hypnosis tapes for hypnosis in childbirth, quitting smoking, weight loss and stress reduction.
  3. Head-Cleaners Hypnosis Info about tapes for enhanced self-control of emotional, cognitive and/or physiological functioning, woven and spoken by a clinical psychologist with two decades experience using hypnosis with adults and children.
  4. Tranceformation Works Hypnosis tapes to learn self-hypnosis for comfort and pain relief associated with specific problems.

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Trust is to love as icing to cake: not strictly necessary, but it sure sweetens the taste..... Mignon McLaughlin

Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "There are important soul messages that unanswered prayers have to give us - "What you ask for is not appropriate for you now; what you ask for may or may not manifest in the future. If the current situation bothers you in any way, then you have lessons to learn." The fact that you get bothered indicates that your soul would like you to learn at least something about that lesson now. It may be, of course, your choice to avoid the lesson by praying harder, by meditating, or by grabbing for some other pacifier."   Continued here - free read.

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