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08:26:08 GMT, Tue, Oct 23, 2018

      Popular Sales Skills Training Sites 
  1. Industrial Ego Salesperson Training Offers persuasion courses, programs, and coaching for sales professionals and entrepreneurs. Includes articles, techniques, tips and email newsletter.
  2. Sales Motivation Solutions Training company offers custom designed basic and reinforcement sales training to sales organizations through the US.
  3. Advantage Performance Group Website offers sales training and consulting. Based in Tiburon, CA.
  4. Salesperson Skills Training Employee selling skills training programs and seminars.
  5. Online Sales Skills Training Information helps trainees to be successful and confident in marketing and sales.
  6. Sales Training - Sales Management Training seminars and workshops teach salespeople
  7. Sales Training Customized sales seminars, presentation and tradeshow skills training.
  8. John Fuhrman Offers programs help people break through their fears and turn rejection into direction.
  9. Max Sacks International Products, programs and services to develop skills, enhance performance, and provide on-going reinforcement to individuals and companies.

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Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "Goals are commonly thought to be good and OK. I agree. One trap is to have no goals at all; since goalless people are not concentrating on anything, they frequently receive leftovers from others or from their childhoods/pasts. Many claiming to be on a spiritual path disagree, "Goals are nothing but the neurotic ego. Surrender to God's will is what you should do instead." But, supposing we are co-creating with God instead of just doing God's will? Then we have just eliminated much of our creative input by surrendering it. Or, supposing God's will for us is to support us in our will, as described by Walsch in Conversations with God? If that is the case, then surrendering to God's will is not useful."   Continued here - free read.

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