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Let me toot my own horn a bit on this page, for self help is what this entire site is all about. Two online self help books (one psychological and one spiritual) are totally free to read (links above). The spiritual book is a sleeper in some ways for most people are clueless about how much their spiritual beliefs impact their stress and unhappiness levels. Changing spiritual beliefs is often rather easy if one is open to that. In any case, links below are to quality sites.

      Popular Self Help Sites 
  1. Psych Central - Self-Help Quizzes Short quizzes for self-diagnosis of adult ADD, depression, eating disorders, mania, OCD, sexual addiction, and domestic violence.
  2. Self-help & Psychology Magazine Articles, discussion, meditation room.
  3. Website helps individuals find their own paths to improving their happiness level.
  4. EthosChannel Community dedicated to personal growth with articles, discussion areas, streaming media and shop.
  5. ABCs of Personal Growth Psychological quizzes and tests together with book excerpts and a variety of articles.
  6. Self Improvement Online Huge site offering a wealth of self help imformation.
  7. Robin Silverman Author of "The Ten Gifts" and "Something Wonderful Is About to Happen," offers articles, quizzes and seminar details.
  8. Open Circles International empowerment center based in the Netherlands, offers a variety of courses and syllabi for personal, spiritual and organizational growth. Details of courses, trainers and free resources.
  9. Mental Health Net Over 9,000 reviewed resources in self-help, mental health and psychology, including the books, Self-Help Sourcebook Online and Psychological Self-Help.
  10. Personal-Development.Com Articles, links and newsletter. Also hosts "A Positive Place" by author Chuck Gallozzi.
  11. Inspired Living Offers personal stories, articles, resources, humor, chat and newsletter, all aimed at promoting a more inspired way of life.
  12. The Higoodsites Website offers articles and tips on spiritual self-empowerment.

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Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "Many ancient figurines depict people in various postures that look rather unnatural. People today have duplicated these postures and discovered that various spiritual experiences happen in the presence of spiritual intent (with perhaps one or more rituals such as drumming or "calling the directions"). Some of these spiritual experiences may be ecstatic, some may involve communications from spirit guides and others may involve challenging difficult answers to personal questions."   Continued here - free read.

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