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FLOTATION - Is experienced in a flotation tank, which is a specially designed chamber containing sufficient salt-saturated water to enable one to float. In this sate of suspension one can free the mind from outside stimuli by creating a relaxed and unencumbered state. The participant lies in the super-saturated-salty water, which has tremendous buoyancy, and by absorbing the force of gravity; one floats effortlessly, thus allowing the mind and body to release tension. Floating weightlessly in a sound and lightproof environment can be a unique and liberating experience relieving stress and enhancing the ability to concentrate....from the Glossary at

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  1. Think Tank International Manufacturer of the PathFinder floatation tank, the world's first and only fully-automatic float tank system. This unique digitally-engineered floatation tank offers "precision-perfect" floatation at the touch of a button.

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Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   " One's favorite spiritual group is one of the most common traps for people. Getting together with like-minded others is a recipe for sanctioning feel good activities, doing what we want, unquestioned togetherness, unwittingly or wittingly putting outsiders down without fear of repercussion and selfish childish behaviors. The longer and more often the group meets, the more trapped its members are likely to be. If your favorite group meets regularly, for more than about six hours a month, then over-attachment is common. Why not take a vacation for several months from that group? "Oh no!" I hear you cry. That cry shows your attachment."   Continued here - free read.

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