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03:11:24 GMT, Wed, Sep 26, 2018

    Popular Speed Reading Sites 

  1. Speed Reading Self-Pacing Methods Professional speed reading classes simply teach a handful of easy techniques
  2. Speed Reading Techniques An article that explains and reveals the basic speed reading techniques in plain language.
  3. RocketReader Speed reading and memory training software for computers using Windows.
  4. Software for Speed Reading Techniques Software for speedreading techniques.
  5. Effective & Rapid Reading Courses enable managers and professionals to develop the efficiency needed to manage information effectively by increasing reading speed.
  6. Advanced Productivity Solutions OnLine speed-reading course available.
  7. Power Reading - Online Course Comprehensive course designed to improve reading speed, comprehension and retention, technical reading ability, study skills, and test taking.
  8. Reading Genius - Online Help Speed reading course incorporating mindmapping and accelerated learning techniques - special brain wave tuned music.

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Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "What some law of attraction devotees call "secret shifters" are tools that help us change our feelings in an instant. Perhaps music, expressing gratitude, nature or pleasant fantasies will work for you that way. Those touting the law of attraction usually encourage such activities because they reportedly raise your frequency or vibration to higher levels. Supposedly, you get closer to the frequency of love with these methods. I find it interesting that those who talk about raising your frequency never actually do any measuring of it. In fact, for many it is strictly a mental construct with no basis in either bodily feeling or scientific measurement. It sounds spiritual, so it "must be good.""   Continued here - free read.

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