Spiritual Counseling Sites

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SPIRITUAL COUNSELING - Is practiced by those who are well connected to their intuitive nature, insight and an awareness of universal laws, together with the precepts of Universal Love and Compassion....from the Glossary at HealersOfTheWorld.com

      Popular Spiritual Counseling Sites 
  1. Voice Dialogue International A psychospiritual approach to consciousness...includes a study of the many selves that make up the psyche, as well as work with dreams, bonding patterns, and energy fields.
  2. Spiritual Counseling and Healing Help for you to fully experience your spiritual nature; resources for obtaining free guidance.
  3. Seek to Know Holistic counseling, guidance and mentoring for the whole person includes journey to self.
  4. Inner Bonding® Grace Through Growth A transpersonal process for healing relationships, trauma, substance abuse and addictions, creating self-esteem, and developing a personal connection with spiritual guidance.
  5. Rooted In Spirit Facilitating spirituality emphasizing interfaith & holisticperspectives.
  6. Universal Vision Self purpose, personal evolution and cosmic identity counseling.

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Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "Those following manifesting-what-you-want paths are often directed to try to move up some emotional ladder scale. For example, anger might be considered better than shame. Therefore, if you find yourself in shame, it is supposedly good work to try some activity or method that will move you out of shame and into anger. Each teacher may have a different scale, but the overall theme is the same; one emotion/feeling is better and more spiritual than the next. It seems to work temporarily. It does get you out of a rut."   Continued here - free read.

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