Spiritual Development Sites

15:37:42 GMT, Wed, Aug 23, 2017

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  1. Conversations With God Official companion site to Neale Donald Walsch's book. Features author profile, interviews and Q&A sections, with details of seminars, study groups and products.
  2. New Age Spirituality Article defines the New Age movement and some of its core beliefs, explains the traditions from which it is rooted, describes the confusions caused by other religions, and highlights a few of the more common practices.
  3. Stepping Stones Contains enlightening stories and spirit encounters together with an online angel healing temple.

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Daily Channeled Guidance

© 2009 by LadySkyeFyre

August 23   If you were to take a photograph with your mind's eye of something that moves you to tears with joy and contentment you could, at a later time, bring that memory back again to comfort you. Much as you have flashes of memories in odd moments in time that are troubling to you, so too, can you consciously make a moment, a pleasant memory to remember. It is a technique that might be used during moments of stress. Granted, it is not a recommended tool to relieve stress in that it does not get to the heart of the matter, but it can give you respite for the time you need to put your feet back onto solid ground once more.

Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "Expect a love reverse of some sort. This will be a message from the universe asking, "Do you really intend to have more love?" To which the best reply is to continue with your affirmations and to the best of your ability work through whatever "negative" things are happening."   Continued here - free read.

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