Stop Smoking Sites

03:04:12 GMT, Wed, Sep 26, 2018

      Popular Stop Smoking Sites 
  1. Ex-Smokers A community for ex-smokers around the world, and a useful resource for people wishing to become one.
  2. The Tobacco BBS Includes many resources for smokers looking to quit.
  3. Joe Chemo: A Camel Who Wishes He'd Never Smoked Test your tobacco IQ, get a Smoke-o-Scope, quitting tips.
  4. QuitNet Helps smokers kick their nicotine addiction, providing tools, information, and support for people quitting smoking.
  5. Smoking Cessation by Find help you need to end your habit.
  6. American Lung Association: Tobacco Control Features information about smoking, Freedom From Smoking program, and tips for quitting the habit.
  7. Smoking Cessation Consumer Tools Kit Although aimed at helping doctors educate patients, mcuh of the material is helpful to anyone who wants to quit smoking.
  8. Smoking: Don't give up giving up Useful advice on how to give up and you can ask for regular supportive e-mails.

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