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Stress Management Sites

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      Popular Stress Management Sites 
  1. The End of Stress As We Know It, 2002 Complete text of Brian McEwen's book. Covers responses to stress; its relationship with various body organs; and ways of dealing with stress.
  2. How to Survive Unbearable Stress By Steve and Kimberley Burns. A free, illustrated web book explaining stress, depression, anxiety and drug use.
  3. The American Institute of Stress Ways to identify and then manage stress effectively.
  4. Post Abortion Stress Syndrome Support Comfort, support, and help for women and their families after an abortion.
  5. Get a Grip on Your Life Learn how progressive relaxation, self-hypnosis, and meditation, can help to cope with everyday stress.
  6. Virtual Library - Stress Books, resources, guides, e-mail lists, and newsgroups, journals (electronic and print), professional organizations and stress Management directory, including commercial products.
  7. Why Be Nervous? Explores stress and nervousness and suggests that there is a link to low blood sugar.

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