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Subliminal Learning Sites

10:31:36 GMT, Wed, Jan 17, 2018

    Popular Subliminal Learning Sites 

  1. Subliminal Learning Course This website asks Are We Already Learning In A Subliminal Way?
  2. Aspect Enterprises Pure Relaxation Tapes for sale. Musical Hypnosis, using a process called Psychoacoustical Bio-Dynamics, provides a quick and safe way to meditate, manage stress, or promote your body's natural healing ability.
  3. InnerGear Subliminal programming for personal change has taken a new leap. InnerGearTechnologies creates unique titles with a wide range of applications for self-help and self-improvement.
  4. Oxford Hypnotherapy Website offers tapes and CDs for personal development and self help.
  5. Amazing Changes Hypnotherapy Self-hypnosis tapes for hypnosis in childbirth, quitting smoking, weight loss and stress reduction.
  6. Tranceformation Works Hypnosis tapes for learning self-hypnosis for pain relief and comfort associated with specific problems.

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T-shirt Advice: "Life is a bitch. Then you die. Have a nice day."

Comment: Is life a bitch? Challenging yes, but bitchy? No, not for those who are happy. Is death so dreadful? Not for most of those who draw close to death.

Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   ". I briefly described Michael's ideas about soul age in Chapter 3. In Chapter 15 I discuss his ideas about making essence (soul) contact. These ideas about soul age and essence contact are valuable in helping us to understand and accept the way things are. It is popular with many to believe that "everything is a mystery." But such a belief is not one of inner peace, for most human minds want to think they understand."   Continued here - free read.

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